US – Top and Bottom States for New Freddie Mac Financing

Freddie Mac’s record year of $28.8 billion in new multifamily loans was spread somewhat equally across the country.

Here’s a breakdown of Freddie’s geographic concentration last year:

Freddie Mac’s Top New Business Volume in 2012

1. Texas 13.9 percent

2. California 13.2 percent

3. Maryland 9.1 percent

4. Florida 8.9 percent

5. New York 7.4 percent

6. Virginia 4.4 percent

8. Colorado 4.0 percent

9. Washington 3.9 percent

10. Georgia 3.8 percent

Big states took the largest share, including Texas which came to the top of the list with 13.9 percent of new loan transactions. Hot markets like Maryland also scored a big piece of the action, with loan volumes over $2.1 billion for the year.

Meanwhile, some states, such as Montana and Vermont, didn’t see much if any Freddie financing last year.

Freddie Mac’s Bottom New Business Volume in 2012

1. Maine 0 percent

2. Vermont 0 percent

3. New Hampshire 0 percent

4. South Dakota 0 percent

5. Montana 0 percent

6. Wyoming 0 percent

7. Rhode Island 0.1 percent

8. Idaho 0.1 percent

9. Iowa, Arkansas, West Virginia 0.2 percent

Source: MPF Research


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